The Paris Team


Retail Staff

Our team is knowledgable and friendly and any member of our team would be happy to take the time to speak with you about your projects!


Management Team

Renate (left) and Laurie (right) have over fifty years of combined experience at Mary Maxim. Their knowledge and expertise is a great asset to the day to day necessities of the store! As their jobs have evolved over the years, Renate deals mostly with the “numbers” of the store and Laurie’s job revolves around the “people”.
They are both passionate about the quality of Customer Service. Many shopping experiences these days can be faceless interactions with a computer screen which is fine if you’re in a hurry. However, Laurie and Renate as well as our entire team, are dedicated to the philosophy of “The Customer is always right." and this is the type of service you will find at the Mary Maxim Retail Salesroom!


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"I would like to thank Mary Maxim -once again- for their wonderful customer service that I received. My email was answered in a very short time and my question was answered fully. Having people in your organization who truly care about customers is areflection on the company as a whole. Thank you again!" Shirley

"I bought the Cabled Hoodie sweater kit at your Paris store. I was in the store just before closing time and was amazed that no one rushed me, but instead took great care to accommodate me. The people working n the store were very pleasant and the sweater turned out perfectly. I even had enough extra yarn left over to make a child's sweater that I will now donate to a charity. Thank you for such great service and great products!"

" The quilting classes are phenominal support groups for anyone from beginners to advanced. There is so much knowledge from the instruction and so much flexibility in how creative you can be. I love them! I just can't get here fast enough for my class time!" Edith