The Paris Team


Retail Staff

Our team is knowledgable and friendly and any member of our team would be happy to take the time to speak with you about your projects!


Management Team

Carol, Renate (left) and Laurie (right) have over 75 years of combined experience at Mary Maxim. Their knowledge and expertise is a great asset to the day to day working of the store! Carol says her job is the most fun because she's the buyer of new products and travels to trade shows in search of new & exciting crafts, yarns, and gift items. Renate deals mostly with the “numbers” of the store and Laurie’s job revolves around the “people”.
They are very passionate about the quality of Customer Service. Many shopping experiences these days can be faceless interactions with a computer screen which is fine if you’re in a hurry. However, Laurie and Renate as well as our entire team, are dedicated to the philosophy of “The Customer is always right." and this is the type of service you will find at the Mary Maxim Retail Salesroom!


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"This store has supplies that I cannot easily find elsewhere for many different crafting techniques. They have nice store-brand yarns. On my most recent trip I found knitting needles I'd never seen before. I've since ordered more "pairs" (sets fo three!) since they're so cool. I enjoy stopping in here every time I'm passing through town."
Esther P

"Always have a very good craft selection and yarn selection that I can not usually find from different chain stores. Always very friendly and helpful."
Susan H

" The quilting classes are phenominal support groups for anyone from beginners to advanced. There is so much knowledge from the instruction and so much flexibility in how creative you can be. I love them! I just can't get here fast enough for my class time!"

"My Grandmother used to order so much stuff from Mary Maxim, that when I saw on in real life, I had to stop. Such a neat store, with so many craft things. We picked up a bunch of Christmas stocking stuffers because everyone needs more crafts in their life."
Juston S

"This is a great place for home crafters and has been around for years. The place is jam packed with everything you need."
Richard C

"This is my favourite place to buy yarn in Ontario!! The ladies who work here are so nice and knowledgeable."
Susan P