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In a little town called Sifton, Manitoba, lived a railway station agent, Willard S. McPhedrain and his wife Olive. Willard was also active in other local enterprises, one of which was a woolen mill. The mill at the time was called Sifton Products which sold things like blankets, wool socks, wool batts, spinning wheels, etc. Ads placed in local papers to sell these products were met with only mediocre success. The thought occured to Mr. McPhedrain that he would use the name of an employee, Miss Mary Maximchuk in order to advertise her "Homespun" worksocks. It was a huge success! The name was eventually shortened to Miss Mary Maxim. In 1954, the company moved from Sifton, Manitoba to Paris, Ontario as was becoming known as a yarn shoppe. By 1956 business had grown so rapidly that Willard's son, Larry McPhedrain expanded to the USA as well and opened a store in Port Huron, Michigan. Mary Maxim has since grown from a small yarn shoppe in 1954 to the store that we know today as North America's favourite yarn, crochet, quilting and craft store!


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We have so many NEW! items in our Kids' and Adult Craft departments that are perfect for presents or anytime entertaining! Come in and check out our great selection of our always popular paint by numbers, puzzles, colouring books and so much more! Don't forget about Diamond Dotz kits (one of our best sellers!) Paulinda modelling kits and modelling clay, Paracord and Perler Beads. We also have an expanded selection of Springfield Dolls and their clothing and accessories and so much more!

There's always exciting events coming up! Keep posted as this gets updated constantly throughout the year. Happy crafting!

Club 50 Day (Paris & London Store) - Is the FIRST TUESDAY of every month. It's a great time to stock up on yarn, kits and crafts! If you're 50 or over you SAVE 20% on all regular and saled priced instock items. Bring a friend and amke a day of it in beautiful Paris and happeing London.

New Expanded Gift Dept - We've expaned our Gift Dept and add more fantastic gifts and fashion wear. You'll find that speical something for that special someone. Beautiful Christmas decorations and edible treats are already on the shelves and more coming out weekly.

New Arrivals in our Quilt Shoppe - All new Autumn & Christmas themed fabric collections are HERE and ready for your creating pleasure. There's new Advent Calendars, Panels, Stocking and so much more.

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"Excellent shopping experience! The staff is super helpful. They let me try a sample item in the store before purchasing it to make sure it is the item I wanted...did not even pressure me into buying it because they opened the packaging. They are extremely knowledgeable and their willingness to share their knowledge is unsurpassed. I definitely recommend this store to everyone for all your crafting needs."
Katherine P

" This is a great store, lots of different crafts to choose from and very knowledgeable staff, they certainly know their stuff and should be commended. The cashiers are friendly and helpful. It is nice to go into a store like Mary Maxim and have the staff be able to help you in any department, and if they can't they will find someone who can! My wife and I have always had great experiences here, and will continue to shop here. There is a GREAT selections of puzzles too! Best anywhere! Keep up the great cusotmer service!"
Roger W-F

" Love going here. I do an annual shop here once a year, the yarn selection is great. They also have amazing customer service and can point you in the right direction. Worth the drive."
Frances M